California Treasures and California Tesoros de lectura writing strategies are based on years of research in schools across the nation, including California schools.

  • A partnership with The Writers’ Express, a non-profit organization committed to improving students’ literacy skills, creates a new, research-based instructional model for teaching writing.
  • Strategies include selected skills demonstrated to make the greatest impact on student achievement, sequenced skill instruction to drive progress, and integrated instruction to teach students expressive and technical skills.
  • The program accelerates students’ writing and reading growth by teaching selected skills that have the most impact on writing first, providing the kinds of feedback on writing assignments that will make a difference.
  • Each lesson offers a writing assignment linked to student interest and experiences. Writing assignments focus on building writing foundational skills at all grades, such as writing strong sentences and paragraphs.
  • The program links phonics and spelling to accelerate reading and writing growth and links phonics and vocabulary through prefix, suffix, morphology, and Greek and Latin root lessons.
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