In California, almost 25 percent of students across grade levels enter state schools as bilingual or speaking a primary language other than English. Support for English learners is embedded throughout California Treasures and California Tesoros de lectura.
  • Incorporates the state-required English language development component to assist students transitioning from Spanish and to ensure the required 30 minutes of English learner instruction every day.
  • Includes built-in English learner student support, which enables teachers to meet the needs of students at all reading language acquisition levels, in both English and Spanish.
  • Provides integrated digital and print activities including rich, background building activities and extensive vocabulary support.
  • Includes an online English development site providing background information for teaching English learner students.
  • Features a complete English language development program coauthored by Diane August, Ph.D. and Jana Echevarria, Ph.D., California Treasures English Language Development.
  • Includes lesson tips and activities in the Teacher’s Edition specifically for English learner students.
  • Provides multiple practice activities for English learner students that are customized to meet their specific needs. Some of these resources include: Spanish Glossaries, Vocabulary Word Cards with Spanish cognates, and reteaching suggestions.

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