How can teachers cover all the standards by state testing time?
If teachers follow California Treasures from beginning to end, they will have taught all the tested skills before the test. Editorial made sure that skills were addressed by the time the test was given when building the program.

Is the spiral review in the 6th week a spiral review of those 6 weeks of the unit or does it also include review from previous units?
The spiral review at the end of each unit includes a review from previous units.

What level are the Triumphs Intervention books?
The Triumphs Intervention books do not have a GR level since they were created to be decodable and provide opportunities for students to practice was specifically taught.

Is there an assessment piece that tests the levels of English Learners?
The Progress Monitoring Assessment component of the ELD program assesses language acquisition. At the end of each week, teachers will find assessment as well as information assessments which checklists in the ELD Teacher Edition (red border pages). In the Progress Monitoring ELD book, teachers will find observations checklists, unit assessments, and benchmark assessments to assess language proficiency.

Are there California science and HSS standard correlations for the nonfiction leveled readers?
In the back of the California Treasures Teacher Edition, teachers will find the correlation to the History-Social Science California content standards. There is a key at the top, which indicates that PR references are the skill-based practice readers (leveled readers).

What is the most effective and student-beneficial way to administer the Summative Assessment for elementary grades?
The California Treasures program recommends administering the Summative Assessment twice in one academic year to show reliable and authentic results and a student's overall progress. The state of California has mandated that one test be given twice throughout the year in Grades 2-8. This assessment must be treated like a benchmark. At mid-year the teacher should give the test and use the results to drive instruction for the second half of the year. The end of the year assessment, results can be used to show true growth for the entire year.

How many days are in Start Smart for each grade level?
The lesson planner is designed to allow a teacher to spend one or two days on each lesson depending on the needs of their students. In the lesson plan, when it is labeled "Days 1-2" it is inferring that the teacher can take one day or two days for the Day One lesson, the same goes for the preceding days. It probably should have been labeled a little differently so that it was evident but that is the reasoning behind it.
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