Authors' Published Work

Grades 6-12

Jeffrey D. Wilhelm, Ph.D.
Jeffrey Wilhelm is Professor of English Education at Boise State University and Director of the Boise State Writing Project. He specializes in reading and adolescent literacy and does research on ways to engage readers and writers. A middle and high school teacher for 13 years, Wilhelm is the author or co-author of eleven books, including the award-winning works You Gotta BE the Book and Reading Don’t Fix No Chevys.

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Douglas Fisher, Ph.D.
Douglas Fisher is Professor of Language and Literacy Education at San Diego State University. He is also Director of the award-winning City Heights Educational Pilot, a project for improving urban adolescent literacy. Dr. Fisher has published many articles on reading and literacy and has coauthored Improving Adolescent Literacy: Strategies That Work.

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Donald R. Bear, Ph.D.
Donald Bear is Professor, Department of Curriculum and Instruction Director, E.L. Cord Foundation Center for Learning and Literacy at the University of Nevada, Reno. He is the author of Words Their Way and Words Their Way with English Learners. Read more about Dr. Bear by clicking here.

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Jana Echevarria, Ph.D.
Jana Echevarria is Professor, Educational Psychology, California State University, Long Beach, and principal Researcher, National Research and Development Center of English Language Learners. She is the author of Making Content Comprehensible for English Learners: The SIOP Model. Read more about Dr. Echevarria by clicking here.

Grades 6-8

Diane August, Ph.D.
Diane August is currently a research scientist at the Center for Applied Linguistics, as well as an educational consultant located in Washington, D.C. In addition, she is Co-Principal Investigator with the National Research and Development Center on English-Language Learners. She has worked for many years as an educational consultant in the areas of literacy, program improvement, evaluation and testing, and federal and state education policy.

David G. O’Brien, Ph.D.
David O’Brien is Professor of Literacy Education at the University of Minnesota and a former classroom teacher. Dr. O’Brien’s research explores reading in content areas as well as ways to motivate learners to engage in school-based literacy tasks. He is conducting studies on the use of technology-based literacy, using computers and related technology.

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Taffy Raphael, Ph.D.
Taffy Raphael is Professor of Literacy Education at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). She does literacy research on upper elementary and middle school students and has coauthored several books, including Book Club: A Literature-Based Curriculum and Book Club for Middle School. Dr. Raphael received the International Reading Association (IRA) Outstanding Educator Award and is in the IRA Hall of Fame.

Kathleen A. Hinchman, Ph.D.
Kathleen Hinchman is Professor and Chair, Reading and Language Arts Center, School of Education at Syracuse University. A former middle school English and reading teacher, Dr. Hinchman researches social perspectives toward literacy. She is coauthor of three books on reading and literacy, including, Principled Practices for a Literate America: A Framework for Literacy and Learning in the Upper Grades.

Cynthia Hynd Shanahan, Ed.D.
Cynthia Hynd Shanahan is Professor in the Reading, Writing, and Literacy program at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). She is also a consultant with the Center for Literacy at UIC. Dr. Hynd Shanahan has been a classroom teacher and has taught reading instruction to elementary-level through college-level teachers. She has authored a chapter in the book Engaged Reading, edited by John T. Guthrie and Donna Alverman.

Grades 9-12

Beverly Ann Chin, Ph.D.
Beverly Chin is Professor of English, Director of the English Teaching Program, former Director of the Montana Writing Project, and former Director of Composition at The University of Montana in Missoula. She is Past President of the National Council of Teacher of English. Currently, Dr. Chin is Senior Project Consultant for the 2011 Writing Assessment Framework for the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP). Her research includes effective strategies for teaching the language arts, creative drama, critical literacy, and multicultural literature. Dr. Chin is committed to helping students become lifelong learners and effective communicators. Her work focuses on alignment among curriculum, instruction, standards, and assessment.

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Jacqueline Jones Royster, DA
Jacqueline Jones Royster, D.A. is Professor of English and Senior Vice Provost and Executive Dean of the Colleges of Arts and Sciences at The Ohio State University. She is currently on the Writing Advisory Committee of the National Commission on Writing, and serves as chair for both the Columbus Literacy Council and the Ohioana Library Association. In addition to the teaching of writing, Dr. Royster’s professional interests include the rhetorical history of African American women and the social and cultural implications of literate practices. She has contributed to and helped to edit numerous books, anthologies, and journals. Dr. Royster served as program consultant on Glencoe Literature and Writer’s Choice: Grammar and Composition.

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