Glencoe Literature: California Treasures offers a variety of digital and print assessment tools to direct instruction and ensure California state standards are met.
  • Formative assessment consists of ongoing opportunities for teachers to diagnose students. These assessments include questions and activities in each selection’s After You Read section, testing, recall, interpretation, inferring, summarizing, and evaluating. Progress Monitoring checks in the Teacher Edition provide reteaching suggestions with each lesson.
  • Summative assessment summarizes what students have learned. The program includes practice for standardized tests and formal assessments in literary elements, reading skills, vocabulary, and writing.
  • Online Progress Reporter helps California teachers evaluate student progress and allows for quick test building and immediate and accurate scoring and data collection.
  • Glencoe Online Essay Grader saves teachers valuable time on the most time-consuming part of their day – grading essays.
  • TeacherWorks Plus™, an interactive lesson planner, helps teachers create and manipulate detailed lesson plans correlated to state standards.
  • Find out more about assessment from author Beverly Chin, Ph.D..
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