All of the skills and strategies in Glencoe Literature: California Treasures are seamlessly integrated with and tied to the literature. This provides the necessary context that students need to learn, and more importantly, to retain what they learned. Throughout the book, scaffolded, spiral reviews of skills ensure ample coverage.
  • Writing instruction is integrated and frequent. It is taught with intense, direct instruction.
  • The assignments are high interest with motivating prompts, detailed rubrics, engaging and helpful group discussions, and writing frames.
  • Daily Writing activities appear throughout each unit to help students become accustomed to writing on demand.
  • Writing Workshops appear in each unit with activities to help students take a writing assignment and use the product as a basis for an extension project.
  • A variety of materials are available to teachers to support writing instruction, including transparencies with model papers and rubrics, tools for assessing writing, and blackline masters for student practice.
  • Spelling/Vocabulary support introduces students to new selection-specific vocabulary, and opportunities to learn, practice, and apply these words in an engaging, motivational reading environment.
  • Each selection’s Vocabulary Preview presents four to five words with their part of speech, a student-friendly phonetic respelling, definition, page reference from the selection, and sample sentence.
  • Vocabulary words are highlighted in the text and defined in the margins at point of use, with the phonetic respelling and definition.
  • Vocabulary skills are presented in a pattern of increasing difficulty throughout the book. After each selection, a vocabulary activity is provided to assess student understanding of the learned word.
  • Interactive Vocabulary CD for English and Spanish students helps build key content and academic vocabulary including visual flashcards and games for more than 500 words per grade level.
  • Find out more about teaching vocabulary from author Donald Bear.
  • Skills mastered at earlier levels are always reviewed and built upon providing ongoing coverage of sequential skill coverage.
  • Grammar links appear in the Writing Workshops in each unit and utilize the approach of showing and telling actual examples of grammar application in writing.
  • Full Grammar Workshops appear in each unit with formal grammar instruction and practice activities. Topics cover critical areas of grammar knowledge.
  • Grammar skills are assessed informally in the exercises that follow each Grammar Workshop and formally in the Unit Assessments.
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