How does the Backpack Reader integrate with the program?
The Backpack Reader is a lightweight collection of additional fiction and authentic nonfiction selections that are for independent reading and enjoyment in grades 6-8. The selections in the Backpack Reader are organized by Big Question. These Big Questions are the same Big Questions at the unit level from the California Treasures text. Students independently read additional selections connected to the Big Question and expand their critical thinking of the Big Question. Each unit in the Backpack Reader includes a fun, graphic novel. There are additional writing prompts after each selection that help students connect the Backpack Reader selection to the Big Questions. The Backpack Reader is listed in the lesson plans in the back of the Standards Road Map under Independent Reading.

What path can I follow in Glencoe Literature: California Treasures to pace my classes to ensure that my students meet all the required standards?
The California Standards Roadmap contains pacing charts covering 180 days of instruction. An additional pacing chart identifies an Essential Course of Study (ECOS), which helps teachers ensure coverage of the most commonly tested standards — all covered within 150 days before the test. Lesson plans provide suggestions for differentiation, which identify how much time should be spent on each activity depending on the learning needs of each student.

How are writing and grammar addressed in Glencoe Literature: California Treasures?
Grammar and writing instruction in Glencoe Literature: California Treasures is ongoing, embedded, and sustained throughout the literature lessons. Students have opportunities to write every day. Writing can be anything from summary writing and persuasive essays, to response to literature. Grammar instruction is integrated within the literature and writing activities. After You Read pages include a Respond Through Writing opportunity and a Grammar Link that provides instruction and practice in a crucial grammar skill. Full Writing and Grammar Workshops appear in each unit with formal instruction and practice activities. Additional opportunities for students to practice grammar and writing can be completed through digital platforms such as Glencoe Online Essay Grader and Skill Level Up!

What support does Glencoe Literature: California Treasures offer for English learners?
English Learners are supported throughout the reading with differentiated teaching suggestions; opportunities for teachers to meet the needs of English learners based on their English proficiency level. Audio support includes selection summaries in five languages. The Read and Write student worktext for English learners offers guided reading support at point-of-use with additional practice in vocabulary. Additionally, Expressions, an English Language Development component, offers additional scaffolding and instructional support to prepare English learners to read the core text. Expressions offers teachers an additional 60-minutes of daily English Language Development instruction connected to the Literature text.

What assessment options come with Glencoe Literature: California Treasures?
Glencoe Literature: California Treasures offers ample assessment options—delivered in both print and digital formats. ExamView Assessment Suite offers teachers the option of automatically creating and customizing assessments. Progress Reporter Online offers teachers the added benefit of administering their customized assessments online with automatic scoring. Additional print assessment resources include selection and unit formative and summative assessments, selection quick checks, and California Standards Practice.
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